Uses & applications

from environmentally and socially friendly sources (FSC-certified)

species/ application string instruments woodwind instruments components & others
Alder, European xx (bodies)
Amboina Burl xxx (tops)
Aspen, Burl xxx (tops)
Blackwood, Austr. xxx
Boxwood xxx
Bubinga xxx xxx
Cedar, Spanish (Cedro) xx necks
Cedar, Western Red (Thuja) xxx (tops & bodies)
Chakte Kok xx xxx
Chechen xx
Cherry, American xxx (backs & sides)
Cherry, Mexican (Machiche) xxx (backs & sides) xxx
Cocobolo xxx
bow sticks
Cuta (Baitoa Box)    xxx
Cypress, Mediterranian xx
Ebony, African xx xx (fingerboards)
Ebony/ Makassar xxx (backs & sides)
Fernambuk bow sticks
Granadillo (Marimba Wood) xx (backs & sides) xxx (xylophones)
Grenadill xxx
Hickory drum sticks
Jatobá xx (backs & sides)
Katalox (Mexican Ironwood) xxx flute, clarinette xx (fingerboards/ bridges)
Koa xxx (backs & sides)
Kwila xxx (xylophones)
Lacewood xx (backs & sides)
Louro Faia (Pearlwood) xxx
Mahagony (true M. / Swietenia) xxx (backs & sides) xxx (necks)
Maple / Sycamore xxx xx
Maple, Europ. xxx (backs & sides) xx (flute)
bow sticks
Morado "Santos Rosewood" xxx (backs & sides) xx (xylophone)
Myrtle tops
Olivewood xxx
Ovangkol xx
Padouk, East-African (Muninga) xxx xx (xylophones)
Padouk, West-African xx
Palo Naranja xxx
Pear, European xx xx
Peroba Rosa xx (woodwind)
Plum flute
Rosewood, Indian xxx (backs & sides)
Rosewood, Madagaskar xxx (backs & sides)
Salomon Padouk (Narra) xxx (backs & sides) xxx
Santos Rosewood (Morado) xxx (backs & sides) xx (xylophone)
Satinwood, African (Movingui) xx
Snakewood xx (fingerboards)
xxx (components)
Spruce, Engelmann xxx (acoustic guitars)
Spruce, Norway/ European xxx (tops)
Spruce, Sitka xxx (acoustic guitars)
Swamp Ash xxx (bodies)
Tigerwood/ Tzalam xxx (backs & sides)
Walnut, European xxx
tops & bodies
Zebrano xxx

x: suitable, xx: recommended, xxx: excellent

Data sheets on lesser known species for download.

List is being periodically updated.

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