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Names and distribution: The genus Cordia (family Boraginaceae) consists of quite different, visually very interesting woods.

  • Laurel (Cordia alliodora), medium weight, walnut color, from Central America.
  • Freijo (Cordia goeldiana), very similar to Laurel, from Brazil
  • Bocote (Cordia gerascanthus) heavy, decorative hardwood from Mexico,
    and the rare and highly decorative
  • Zirikote (Cordia dodecandra), also from Mexico.

Appearance: Different, generally very decorative and ornamental.

Properties: The density of dried Laurel is about 0.65 to 0.70 t/m3, with wood from plantations significantly less (about 0.45 t/m3). The tangential shrinkage is given as 5.2%, the radial at 2.7%. Laurel is vanishingly little. The drying is not a problem, but should be done slowly for pieces above 30mm in thickness. Damping can accelerate the desired equalization which otherwise occurs only with the years. The dimensional stability is good, as is the machinability. Planed and turned surfaces are of pleasing matt finish.
The Brinell hardness of Laurel is 30, comparable with walnut and oak, the modulus of elasticity is approximately 11,500 N/mm2. The values ??of Bocote and Zirikote are significantly higher, in accordance with their higher density.

Use: Laurel, Freijo: Carpenter goods for windows, doors, furniture, general interior
Bocote, Zirikote: high quality equipment and turners’ wood, tonewood, musical instruments

Reference objects: 
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