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ESPEN Timber
Eibenstrasse 18-20
61118 Bad Vilbel

Fax:   +49 6101 80226 20
phone: +49 6101 80226 0

Brief remark on the new street name:
Eibenstrasse means "Street of the Yews"  - which hopefully stimulates our customers making long-bows.
Bad Vilbel stands for "bath" or resort and NOT for "bad" as opposite of "good".
The term "Vilbel" derives from "villa bella", a roman settlement at this place in 400 AC. The term was probably condensed and germanized into "Vilbel" over the past 1600 years... and became the official name of the town          - when time goes by!

The new location is about 12 km off Frankfurt down-town and approx. 20 min. drive from Frankfurt airport.
It is linked with the major highways and public transport (S-Bahn, S6).