Sawn Timber

Sawn Timber edged / unedged, KD, FSC® certified

All items earmarked with „FSC®“ are FSC®-certified woods which come from well managed forests. FSC® stands for ‘Forest Stewardship Council’, i.e. creditable certification as required by leading environmental organizations such as greenpeace and WWF. Control along the chain of custody is being done by independant, third-party auditors.

Uses (Application) of Species Offered
As our policy is to support best practise in forest management, we also accept species of “no name”, so called lesser known species. These timbers are frequently being used in their country of origin but did not make it so far to Europe. This is mainly because the volume traded is too small or the producers have not been able to offer sizes and grades as specified by the market. Good example of this are Mexican species such as Chakte Kok.

Under “Wood Species” you find a colourful summary of most of our timbers. By ticking on a selected species, you will get its name and more useful informations about it. Those informations are made public in German language only – but we are gradually translating the German version into English and later on into French, too.

 Species Outdoor Windows,
Doors Flooring  Furniture  Musical
Afzelia / Doussié xxx xxx xxx      
Alder, European + Alder, American *
    xx xxx xxx  
African Koa       xx xxx  
Amaranth / Purple Heart     xxx xxx xxx  
Anden Rosewood (TP)       xxx xxx  
Ash, European and American     xx xxx xxx  
Australian Blackwood         xxx  
Baitoa Boxwood / Cuta         xxx  
Basswood, European + American       xx x  carvings
Beech      xx xx    
Birch, European     xxx xx xx  
Bloodwood xxx     xx xx  
Camel Thorn Acacia          xxx  
Canary Wood       xx    turnery
Castello Boxwood         xxx  
Cedar (Cedrea)   xxx   xx xxx Humedores
Cedar, true (Cedrus spp.)   xxx   xx xx  
Chakte Kok / Red Heart       xxx xxx  
Chechen         xx  
Cherry, American      xxx xxx xx  
Cherry, Chilenian (Nothofagus)     xx xxx xx  
Cherry, European     xx xxx xx  
Chestnut xxx xx   xx x  
Cumaru / Almendrillo xxx   xx      
Curupau/ Cuchi  xxx   xx       
Cyress Italian   xx   xx xxx  
Douglas Fir  x xx        
Ebony, African *       xx xxx  
Ebony, Royal White       xxx xxx  
Elm, European*     xx xx xx  
Goncalo Alves / Tigerwood     xxx xxx xx  
Granadillo       xx xxx  
Guariuba xx          
Hickory         drum sticks longbows
Ipé /Tajibo xxx   xxx x    
Iroko / Kambala * xxx xxx xxx xx    
Jatobá / Courbaril xxx   xxx xx xx  
Jelutong       xx    
Kapur xx xx        
Katalox / Corazon Azul     xxx xx xxx  
Khaya Mahagony       xxx xx  
Kiaat / Muninga / Umbila xx xx xx xx    
Kingwood / Violetta       xxx xxx  
Koa         xxx  
Kwila / Merbau xxx xxx xxx xx xx  
Lacewood *       xxx xx  
Larch, European  xx xx x      
Laurel / Freijo      xxx xxx    
Limba       x xx  
Locust / False Acacia * xxx x        
Machiche / Caribbean Cherry xxx   xxx xxx xx  
Mahagoni, true Mahagony   xxx xx xxx xxx  
Marblewood       xx xxx  
Maple, Michigan / Bird's Eye Maple     xxx xxx xxx  
Massaranduba  xxx   x      
Meranti / Red Seraya   xx        
Merbau xxx xxx xxx xx xx  
Moena     xx xx    
Morado / Santos Rosewood       xxx xxx  
Muiracatiara / Goncalo Alves
xxx   xxx xxx    
Muirapiranga / Satiné xxx   xxx xx xx  
Muninga / East African Walnut     xx xxx xxx  
Musasa     xxx   xxx  
Oak, White and Red  xx xxx xxx xxx    
Olivewood *     xxx xxx xxx  
Osage orange           bows
Padouk, Pacific Rosewood xxx xxx   xx xxx  
Palm Wood / Black Palmira *     xx xxx    
Panga-Panga       xx    
Pear, European     xx x    
Pear, Swiss  / Sorbus *       xxx x  
Pencil Cedar / Juniper         flutes pencils
Pernambuc / Caribbean Pernambuc         violine bows  
Peroba Rosa         xxx  
Plum       xx xx jewelry
Pine, European    xx xx xx    
Poplar Burl *         xx  
Pucté  / Bullet Wood xxx          
Red Heart / Chakte Kok       xxx xxx  
Redwood (Sequoia) xx xx x xx xx  
Rosewood, Anden *
    xxx xxx xxx  
Rosewood, Caribbean *
    xxx xxx xxx  
Rosewood, Honduras *
    xxx xxx xxx  
Rosewood, Santos      xxx xxx xxx  
Sapelli-Mahagony       xx xxx veneers
Satiné / Bloodwood  xxx   xxx xxx xx  
Snakewood/ Letterwood *
Spruce European    xx xx xx xxx  
Sugi xx     xxx xxx  
Tajibo/ Ipé  xxx   xxx x    
Teak / Plantation-Teak * xx xx xx xx    
Tzalam / Walnut, Mexican       xxx xx  
Vitex, Leban xxx   xx xx    
Walnut, European / North American     xxx xxx xxx  
Wengé       xx xxx  
Western Red Cedar
xxx xxx   xx xxx  
Yellow Cedar / Port Orford Cedar xxx       xx  
Yew         xx  Longbows
Zebrano / Zingana       xxx xxx  
Zirikote *         xxx  

x: useful with regard to field of application
xx: suitable, long-term expertise available
xxx: proven suitablility over years
* not available with FSC® certificate 

Sawn Timber Stock List (appr. 110 species)


Please note that we do NOT take any responsibility about the content of the technical data sheets. They had been compiled from studies of literature cited at the bottom of each sheet as well as from own experience and experience of our customers if passed to us.

More detailied informations on our current stock upon request. Contact us!


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You receive products from semi-natural forest management: in many cases with the recommended FSC® certificate. Our company is FSC®-certified (TSUD-COC-001718-XB).