Tonewood for String Instruments
Forests of the world provide a large variety of timbers, many of outstanding characteristics: There are beautiful looking, decorative species as well as others which prove to be extremely durable and long lasting even under adverse weather conditions. Finally there are species with astonishing acoustic and physical properties. The world of woods is as rich as the people who know how to use them - wisely.

It is our mission to make such timbers available to our customers in the right way and, of course, in time. Saying so, we feel, that it is not contradictionary to be committed to the sustainability of forests worldwide. There is an old proverb in the tropics summarizing all this:

                             "use it or loose it".

By purchasing FSC-certified products we participate actively in the use of the forests but at the same time, we thrive to add value to these lands and to contribute to their proper management and, hopefully, to their long-term protection.