What does FSC® mean?

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The Forest Stewardship Council ®, abbreviated FSC®, was founded in 1994 in Toronto by a variety of forest stakeholders. As a 3-chamber organisation, environmentally, socially and economically motivated individuals and organizations sit at one table. No one is excluded, no chamber can dominate the other, no one, neither the economic nor environmental organizations decide on the work of the FSC®. The FSC® is independent. The current list of members of the FSC® International is on the FSC® website (English / Spanish). The FSC® International has major forest regions of the world national representation, the so-called working groups established. One of these groups is the FSC® Working Group Germany. - See FSC.org for details about members and work priorities.

The award of the label is bound to:

  • a valid forest management certificate of the forest enterprise
  • a valid and closed chain of custody.
It is essential that the certificates / documents are issued by one of the seven International certification bodies currently accredited by FSC®. Who these companies are, how they work and how to get in touch with them, is also found in detail under FSC.org.

The FSC® label is the only label that certifies good forest management worldwide and by the accurate tracking of the product chain from origin to product may be used on the product. The strict control by an independent third party ensures the credibility of the FSC® concept.

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Further information:

The brochure "Gütesiegel FSC: Der neue Weg zur Rettung der Wälder", 1999 published by WWF-Deutschland, to view or download


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