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Names and distribution: Botanically Koa belongs to the genus Acacia of the Leguminosae family. Koa is endemic to the Hawaiian Islands, whereas Australian Blackwood, another acacia species, is found on the Australian continent. There are a few dozen acacia species in Africa and Asia, which however vary considerably in color and properties.

Appearance: Heartwood golden brown to reddish brown, often with striking figure. Pores moderate to rough, scattered and not numerous, variable in size and density. Medullary rays very fine and in storied arrangement, radial growth zones clearly different. Sometimes strong spiral grain over the entire trunk. Decorative to very decorative. 

Properties: The density at 12% moisture content is around 0.60 t/m³ (+ / - 0.55 ... 0.70). The shrinkage is 3.8% tangentially and 3.4% radially, both low values​. Koa shows good stamina. The wood can be dried easily and without cracks; it can be processed with all the tools without difficulty. Decorative and smooth surfaces can be obtained.

Use: High quality decorative wood, boat building, musical instruments, wood turners, veneers.

Reference objects: 
Steel string guitar
Classical Guitar made from FSC tonewood
Guitar: Koa & Curly Sycamore
Hawaiian Forest Industry Association 1998: Description of Hawaii’s Wood
Wagenführ 1989: Holzatlas

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