Uses & applications
Nussbaum, europäisch
 Italian Walnut
nussbaum europ
Nussbaum, europäisch
 Walnut burl mirrored, oiled




Names and distribution: The European walnut (Juglans regia) is a species of open forests and agricultural landscapes of Central and Southeastern Europe. Particularly in France Walnut was planted for centuries because of its appreciated wood and cultivated for its fruit extensively. The species is relatively rare in Europe though, and in short supply. Good grades achieve top prices.

Appearance: Sapwood and heartwood color differ significantly. Dependent on age and condition heartwood is very variable from light brown to mouse gray to dark brown, sometimes purple brown in color, often with irregular drawing with stripes, veins or cloudy color. Distinct growth ring structure, medium pores, very decorative.

Properties: Density at u = 12% is 0.68 (0.57-0.81) t/m3 - depending on location. The shrinkage from the fresh state to u = 12% is specified at 6.7% tangentially and 4.4% radially. Moderate shrinkage with good stamina. Easy to process, smooth to profile and turn. Uniformly smooth surfaces, easy to polish and to pickle.
The Brinell hardness is given as 34, the E-module as about 12,500 N/mm2.

Use: Classic decorative wood, wooden furniture, musical instruments, doors and stairs, wood for turnery and carving, gunstocks, parquet flooring

Reference objects: 
Steelstring Guitar, Gitarrenbau Meigel
GOTTWALD 1970: Holzbestimmung der wichtigsten Handelshölzer
ARGE Holz 1998: Einheimische Nutzhölzer und ihre Verwendung

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