Uses & applications
 Satiné, edge-glued board
Muirapiranga Satine 
Wood structure in detail

Names and distribution: Botanically, Muirapiranga (Brosimum paraense) belongs to the Moraceae and is thus related to Muirapinima (B. guianensis), the tree that provides "snake wood" or "letter wood". Muirapiranga is a species of the Amazon (terra firme), where it is comparatively rare. The French term for Muirapiranga is "Satiné", the English "Bloodwood". In Germany the term "Satiné" is being used as it it the official ATIBT term.

Appearance: The heartwood has a deep red color. The pores are fine and arranged dispersedly. The grain is usually straight, sometimes interlocked and twisted. The wood shows an overall homogenous structure and convinces because of its color, which is resistant to light (no fading); decorative.

Properties: Density at 12% moisture content is about 1,12 t/m3, the wood is moderately dwindling. The tangential shrinkage is 5.8%, the radial shrinkage 4.1%. The drying should be done slowly and carefully when distortions and cracks should be avoided. The wood is hard and stiff, stellite-tipped tools are recommended. Pre-drilling is essential. The Brinell hardness is about 42 N/mm2 (BHN), well above the values of oak. Modulus of elasticity is about 18,000 N/mm2. Muirapiranga is weather resistant and classified in resistance class 1. It is decay resistant and durable for up to 25 years in permanent soil contact.

Uses: Decorative wood for interior and exterior application, wood for turnery, wood for special applications where high elasticity and hardness is required such as Longbows and violine bows.

Substitute for: Pernambuco for stiffness, African Red Padouk for color 

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