Uses & applications
Myrtle geriegelt top 2tlg entzerrt
 Myrtle, curly

Names and distribution: The Tasmanian beech (Nothofagus cunninghamii) belongs to the Fagaceae, like european beech. The evergreen tree is native to south Australia (Tasmania and Victoria) and is 30 to 40 m high. - Note: The names Australian Tasmanian Myrtle and Myrtle Beech, common in the English language, are misleading. There is no relationship with Myrtles.

Appearance: The heartwood is pink to reddish brown, white sapwood. The texture is often very fine and wavy.

Properties: The density is 750-880 kg / m3. Good to handle manually and mechanically.

Use: Furniture, flooring, moldings, tonewood


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