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Names and distribution: Botanically Wenge (Millettia laurentii) belongs to the family of Fabaceae, subfamily of the Leguminosae. The species is distributed mainly in central Africa, mainly in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, sporadically up to Cameroon and Gabon. The tree prefers moist soils and comes sporadically, occasionally as horst. Availability is low.

Appearance: Heartwood sharply defined, fresh bright, later coffee brown, darkening to black. Coarse pores, scattered, often with dark, rarely with light plenums. Storage cells arranged in tangential bands, conspicuously bright. Irregular twist not pronounced, decorative.

Properties: The density at u = 12% is approximately 0.75-0.80 t / m3. The volume shrinkage from the fresh state to 12% moisture is given as 11.2%. The tangential shrinkage is 7.4% and the radial shrinkage about 3.4%. The drying must be done slowly. The dimensional stability is good. Wengé can be processed with all the tools. Planed and turned wooden surfaces are of striking matte finish.
The modulus of elasticity is approximately 16,800 N/mm2, bending strength is given as 115 .. 170 N/mm2. The Brinell hardness of Wengé is specified as 21 .. 27.
Wengé is weather resistant, but is practically only used indoors.

Use: High quality veneer and decorative wood, parquet, stairs, wood for turnery, Tonewood

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GOTTWALD 1970: Holzbestimmung der wichtigsten Handelshölzer
WAGENFÜHR 1996: Holzatlas

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