Uses & applications
oiled, composed of strips
machiche boden bookmat
 rough sawn, untreated


Names and distribution: Machiche (Lonchocarpus castilloi) is part of the large family of Leguminosae to which belong also gorgeous species such as Rosewood, Cocobolo, Padouk, Bubinga etc. Because of its intensive color it got the name „Caribbean Cherry“. Apart of the fact that it never was part of a cherry tree the prefix "Caribbean" is misleading as it does not occur in the Caribbean Sea. It is abundant in the moist tropical forest of Yucatan and neighboring Guatemala. In there it is one of the dominant species more frequently found than the precious redwoods of the Mahagony family.

Appearance: Sapwood whitish, heartwood is mahagony like redbrown to coffeebrown, occasionally with dark streaks similar to Jatobá. Pores medium in size, evenly distributed, parenchymatical cells located in large wavy bands parallel to the cambium. In tangential cuts (flat sawn boards) clearly visible as a "V"-shaped wood design. A similar species with wavy bands is Wengé. General appearance similar to or more lively to Mahagony.

Properties: Specific weight at 12% MC is given with 0.85 t/m3. Machiche is harder than Mahagony but processing and finishing is comparable. Good stability - although not as good as true Mahagony, rated as excellent. Stiffness is above average (E-Modul 19.000 N/mm²), natural durability high (15-20 years within soil contact, class 2). Hardness is high, similar to Jatobá and Merbau from other biospheres but similar in its properties.

Use: Furniture, Flooring, Turnery items, selected pieces also for music instruments

Replaces: true Mahagony, Afzelia-Doussié, Merbau, Jatobá

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