Wood species
Erle, europäisch
 European Alder
Erle, europäisch
 European Alder as solid flooring
Erle Amerikanisch Body 1-tlg E200
 in comparison: Red (US) Alder

Names and distribution: Among European alders, only the black or red alder (Alnus glutinosa ) furnishes commercially exploitable timber. The white or gray alder rarely grows to useful dimensions. The alders spread throughout Central and Eastern Europe to the Urals and the Caucasus. Alders are available moderately well. Of economic importance are also the American alders from the western United States (Oregon, Washington).

Appearance: Sapwood and heartwood color not distinguished; wood reddish-white, reddish-yellow to light reddish-brown, darkening on the light in a rather uniform brown. Pores of fine texture, often parallel fibers, but also interlocked and figured stature images, overall simple, little decorative.

Properties: Density at u = 12% is approximately 0.55 t / m³. The shrinkage in fresh state at u = 12% is specified at 6.2% tangentially and 3.8% radially. The drying process is carried out without problem. Easy and clean to handle, evenly smooth surfaces available, excellent to polish and to pickle.
The Brinell hardness is given as 16-17, the E-module with approximately 9,600 N/mm2. Alder is not weatherproof.

Use: Wood furniture, moldings, turnery, musical instruments

GOTTWALD 1970: Holzbestimmung der wichtigsten Handelshölzer
ARGE Holz 1998: Einheimische Nutzhölzer und ihre Verwendung

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