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Names and distribution: The term 'Canadian Maple' refers to the wood of the sugar maple (Acer saccharum). Other common names are 'hard maple', 'rock maple' or 'Michigan Maple'. The distribution is limited to the northeastern region of the United States and southeastern Canada. Hard Maple rarely occurs in pure stands. Often it is associated with birch, aspen and American poplar. The wood is readily available.

Appearance: Sapwood and young heartwood are hardly distinguishable from each other. It is a striking white to light yellow-rosé. The late wood zones are demarcated reddish, which distinguishes the species from european Sycamore. The optional core often occurs in varying degrees, but not necessarily. If it occurs, then it is brown to greenish brown. The wood is dense and fine pored, the structure simple, the grain straight. Overall simple. Flamed and birdseye maple logs are special forms, very decorative and classified above the regular priced merchandise.

Properties: The specific weight at 12% moisture content is given as 0.75 - 0.80 t/m3. The drying is not a problem, but should be done slowly. Hard Maple is easy to work with all tools, smooth surfaces are generated. As the name suggests, hard maple is one of the hardest woods in the boreal zone.

Use: Furniture, turnery goods, musical instruments

Replaces: european Sycamore

Reference objects: 
Parquet, WELLA main quarters, Darmstadt
Parquet, Private home in Maintal-Hochstadt
Floorboards, Bogner-Shop, Frankfurt
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