Wood species
Cuta Cuta-Arg-Buchsbaum                               
 Colour sample Baitoa Boxwood

Names and distribution: Botanically the species belongs to the Ulmaceae. The species is closely related to San Domingo Boxwood (Phyllostylon brasilensis). The name Baitoa is assigned to this species. Naturally common in the dry forests of Central and South America. The species occurs there only sporadically and is not forming stands.

Appearance: Heartwood yellowish, homogeneous, simple grain, rarely striped. Fine pores, scattered and numerous. Straight grain, slightly interlocked grain; reminiscent of European boxwood in color and texture.

Properties: The density at a moisture content of u = 12% is specified about 0.90 t/m3 . The wood can be dried only slowly, but then without cracks. The shrinkage values ​​are 3.3% in the radial and 7.3% in the tangential direction. For processing carbide tipped tools are recommended. Baitoa Buxbaum is good to polish and produces smooth surfaces. Good to pickle. The hardness is slightly lower than that of boxwood.

Use: Musical instruments, decorative wood products, wood turnery.

Replaces: true boxwood

RICHTER (1988) Holz als Rohstoff für den Musikinstrumentenbau
GOTTWALD (1970) Bestimmung der wichtigsten Handelshölzer

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