Wood species
Linde europ
 Basswood from Europe
Linde Linde mit fayoum Leonardo da vinci
 Basswood as carrier
 Leonardo da Vinci: Fayoum

Names and distribution: The lime, Tilia platyphyllos botanically, namely the large-leaved lime, as well as T. cordata, the small-leaved lime, belong to the family of Malvaceae. It is naturally spread throughout Eastern Europe to France, Switzerland and northern Italy. In Eastern Europe the tree sometimes forms pure stands, but is otherwise rather disseminated in deciduous forests, often planted as a street tree and in parks and gardens. In the U.S. and Canada, there are also many species of lime trees.

Appearance: Heartwood white, yellow, with pink to reddish streaks, sometimes even speckled. Structure: simple, medullary rays built small and storied. Homogeneous, simple, little decorative.

Properties: The spec. weight is specified as 0.49 t/m3 at a moisture content of 12%. The swelling and shrinkage values ​​are given as 5.9% tangentially and 9.6% radially. Drying should be done carefully, otherwise there is a risk of crack formation. Easy to work in all directions, especially good for turning and carving. Smooth surfaces are created. Low flexural strength, medium hard, not durable.

Use: Special wood for sculpture, toys, bars, sometimes used as tonewood

Merkblattreihe Informationsdienst Holz
GOTTWALD (1970) Holzbestimmung der wichtigsten Handelshölzer
WAGENFÜHR (1996) Holzatlas

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