Wood species
Salomon Padouk
 Salomon Padouk flooring
 Padouk-species in comparison:
 left: Padouk, west african, old
 right: Muninga, Padouk East Africa
 bottom: Salomon Padouk
Salomon Padouk
 S.P. after 6 years outdoors

Names and distribution: Botanically Solomon Padouk (Pterocarpus indicus) belongs to the Papilionaceae, a subfamily of legumes. The species is also found as PNG Rosewood in trade and resembles teak in its appearance and its properties. Related to Burma Padauk (P. macrocarpus) and the African Padouk species (P. soyauxii, P. angolensis).

Appearance: Heartwood golden, occasionally pink stripes. Overall, wider color gamut than Teak. Sapwood pale light with a distinct edge. On light, development of a uniform color. Pores are medium to coarse, scattered and not numerous. Storage cells in eye-shaped fields around the pores. Medullary rays very fine and arranged in storeys. Radial growth zones differ significantly. Often intricate grain, flatsawn sometimes wild image, riftsawn image (stripe) rather simple. Altogether decorative.

Properties: Density at 12% MC is 0.65 to 0.72 t/m3. The dimensional change per 1% change of MC is 0.24% in tangential direction and 0.17% in radial direction, both of low values. Salomon Padouk shows an excellent stamina. Salomon Padouk is easy to dry without cracks, it can be processed with all tools without difficulty. Pleasant sweet odor during processing. It is possible to produce decorative and smooth surfaces.
The Brinell hardness is 35, the modulus at about 13,000 N/mm2. Salomon Padouk is weather resistant (durability class 1-2).

Note: Tends "to bleed" when fresh, that is soluble components are washed out by rain. Appropriate measures need to be taken (wet brush, oil, glaze).

Use: Equipment and construction wood for the interior and exterior, boat building, for dimensionally stable framework, flooring, furniture, musical instruments.

Replaces: Teak, Iroko-Kambala, Niangon

Reference objects: 
Outdoor/Decking Benches on EXPO 2000 fairground, Hannover
Railing & Bench, Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Berlin-Mitte
Benches, Debitel, Stuttgart
Balustrade, Golfclub Lindenhof, Bad Vilbel
  Indoor/Flooring Villa Borsig, Guest house of the Foreign Office, Berlin
Parquet on the cruise ship AIDA VI
Head quarters of the Ruhr-Lippe-Wohnungsbaugesellschaft
2-layer parquet, Private house Bad Vilbel
Parquet, Private house Bad Vilbel - Heilsberg
Bathroom, Private apartment, Nauheim/Gross-Gerau
Parquet, Stairs, Bathroom, Bathroom furniture, Private house in Erlangen
Private house, Bad Nauheim
Underfloor heating in the bathroom, Bad Vilbel
Conservatory in Rüsselsheim
  Doors & Windows Windows, Lörrach (Baden)
Doors and Windows, examples
Window and railing, Private home Bad Vilbel
  Furniture Kitchen attachment, Fürth
  Musical instruments Classical Guitar, Deep Ocean Guitars
Western Guitar, Ole Kehlet, DK
Xylophone, Anklang Musikwelt
  Objects of Art & Others Boat project
Bath tub
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