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Names and distribution: Amaranth, or Purple Heart, has many names that refer to its characteristic color: the striking violet! So the English name 'Purple Heart' is the international main name. Botanically Amaranth (Peltogyne venosa) belongs to the Caesalpiniaceae and is thus related to many other timbers. The wood is found in the northeast of South America, mainly in the Amazon basin as far north as French Guiana and Suriname.

Appearance: The heartwood is light brown after being cut and changes color to violet purple when exposed to light. The pores are medium-sized and scattered. The grain is straight to interlocked, but not intertwined. The wood is of a generally simple structure and convinces due to its color, which is stable. Decorative.

Properties: Density at 12% moisture content is approximately 0.80 to 0.95 t / m3, is moderately dwindling and largely free of cracks. The tangential shrinkage is 6.6% and the radial shrinkage 4.6%. The drying should be done slowly and carefully when warping and cracking should be avoided. The wood is hard and rigid, but easy to work with all tools. Good to lathe and polish. Pre-drilling is necessary. The Brinell hardness is about 44 N / mm2, the modulus of elasticity at 16,900 N/mm2. Amaranth is weather resistant and is classified in resistance class 2.

Use: Wood for interior and exterior applications, hardwood floors, turnery, musical instruments

Replaces: .

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