Wood species
Padouk, afrikanisch
  Padouk, west african
  top: fresh
  bottom: about 20 years old
  Padouk species in comparison:
  left: Padouk, west african, old
  right: Muninga, Padouk East Africa
  bottom: Salomon Padouk
  Padouk red

Names and distribution: West and Central Africa, botanical Pterocarpus angolensis, family of Caesalpiniaceae.

Appearance: Coral heartwood, clearly separated from the white sapwood, diffuse, large, with the eye easily visible pores, simple

Properties: Density at 12% moisture: 0.85 tons/m3, good to very good swelling and shrinking behavior, easily to dry also for thicknesses up to 80mm, easy machining, superior hardness, durable (Grades 1-2)

Use: Interior applications, boat building, wood turners, musical instruments

Gottwald (1970) Handelshölzer

Note: according to the latest findings, but without any warranty
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