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Names and distribution: common in many parts of Europe, often planted along roads and in parks. Lacewood (Platanus acerifolia) attributes its name to the entire family (Platanaceae). Leaves resemble leaves of sycomore / maple.  

Appearance: Heartwood light brown to yellowish-pink. By damping the color becomes more uniform and intense. A characteristic feature is the wide wooden beams that clearly define the appearance in radial section (mirror). Otherwise, close-grained wood of simple structure.

Properties: The bulk density is comparable to that of beech and oak. The wood must be dried slowly to prevent warping and frontal cracking. The swelling and shrinkage values ​​are only average. Lacewood is easy to work and glue. Ingredients are not known. The Brinell hardness is given as 35 N/mm2. Like beech, the wood is not lasting and therefore to be used indoors only.

Use: Furniture, turnery, to a lesser extent also for musical instruments.

Gottwald (1970): Bestimmung der wichtigsten Nutzhölzer

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