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Australian Blackwood
 Blackwood with pronounced stripes
Australian Blackwood
 another example of Blackwood...
Australian Blackwood

Names and distribution: Botanically the species Acacia melanoxylon belongs to the genus Acacia and thus to the Leguminous family. Australian Blackwood is only native to Tasmania, Australia. A prominent sister, Koa, also has a narrow distribution area, namely Hawaii. There are a few dozen Acacia species worldwide, mainly in Africa and Asia, however, they differ significantly in color and characteristics to Australian Blackwood.

Appearance: Heartwood light brown to dark red brown often with striking drawings. Especially popular as figured wood with curly grain. Pores moderate to large, scattered, not numerous, variable in size and density. Medullary rays very fine. Occasionally interlocked. Decorative to very decorative.

Properties: The density at 12% moisture content is around 0.55 t/m3 (+ / - 0.50 ... 0.75). The shrinkage is indicated as 3.8% tangentially and 3.4% radially, both low values! Both species show a good to very good stability. The wood is easy to dry without cracks. It can be processed with any tools without difficulty. Decorative and smooth surfaces can be obtained.

Use: High quality interior works, furniture, boat building, musical instruments, turnery, veneers.

Reference objects: 
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