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We ship worldwide.

ESPEN provides dimensional timber for luthiers, bow makers and turners, among others ...

Native woods and exotic woods; many FSC® certified.

Ac guitar Kobler
Large range of wood and wooden components for musical instruments such as: Acoustic guitars, E-Guitars & BassesString Instruments,  Bowed Instruments and last but not least Woodwind Instruments
clarinet blanks
We maintain a stock of dimensions such as Bowl blanks, Knife handles and  Pen blanks and, of course, lumber to be cut the sizes of your particular project.
Maklary Humidors

Wood for Humidors and other specialities

Special wood in specific sizes for the manufacturing of Humidors, , Billiard Cues, Snooker Cues. In addition, you'll find aromatic Timbers for Barbecue.  Find out more about the divers features of wood! 
Robinie viertelstamm
include special wood in specific sizes for the manufacturing of  Longbows.
Professionals find Veneers...  Sawn Timber and Logs (temporarily available).
Variety of Species
Our warehouse shelters more than 100 wood species from around the globe: starting with African Blackwood ending up with American Zirikote
Since 1996 we are member of FSC® International and consequently maintain certification of our premises. You can verify this by using the company's FSC®
Our workshop
provides the special services such as:Werkstatt
 • resawing
 • planing
 • sanding