Mahagony, raw
 Mahagony, oiled
sapelli top 512
 Sapelli lightly curly
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Names and distribution: Sapele Mahagony is botanically Entandrophragma cylindricum and belongs to the family Meliaceae. Sapele Mahagony is found in Ivory Coast, Ghana to Uganda.

Appearance: The fresh heartwood is yellow to pinkish brown, darkening upon exposure. The pores are medium-coarse and scattered, often marked by dark and light ingredients. The band-like storage cells on longitudinal surfaces result in a fine wavy grain. Grain usually straight to slightly spirally grown, homogeneous, decorative

Properties: The density at a moisture content of 12% is about 0.48 to 0.65 t/m3. Swietenia can be dried without problems and has excellent stamina. All forms of treatment are possible, including turning and carving. Smooth and decorative surfaces can be produced. There is no information about allergic irritation of skin and respiratory tract.

Use: High quality decorative wood for medium duty, classic wooden furniture, dimensionally stable frameworks, boat building, musical instruments.

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