Western Red Cedar
 Western Red Cedar
 Western Red Cedar core board
 from Southern Germany

Names and distribution: The German term "red cedar" is derived from the American "Western Red Cedar", although it is botanically speaking not a true cedar. Apparently, the tree’s own odor has prompted the founding fathers of America to baptize the tree simply "Cedar". The German name for the tree is "Tree of Life": known in gardens and cemeteries (Thuja plicata, Cupressaceae). The natural range of the Western Red Cedar is Western North America from Alaska to California and east to Montana. The stems can reach knotless lengths up to 25 m (!). They are often associated with Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens). The species is dominant in their natural space and represents a large portion of the timber reserves. Easy to propagate.

Appearance: Sapwood is narrow and white. Heartwood reddish brown. Latewood dark and narrow, as Flader clearly defined. Wood from old populations has fine tree rings (8 rings per cm and more), without resin pipes. Simple structure.

Properties: Density at u = 12% is 0.34 to 0.46 t / m³ according to tree-ring width. Vanishing little. Aromatic (Thujaplizin serves as a moth repellent!). Good durability. Easy and clean to process, yielding evenly smooth surfaces, easy to polish and to pickle. The Brinell hardness is given as 12, the E-modulus of about 8900 N/mm2. Favorable strength to weight ratio and elasticity properties. Western red cedar is weather resistant and is classified in durability class 2.

Use: Construction wood for interior and exterior, windows and doors, veneers, shingles, selected parts also for musical instruments (tops)

GOTTWALD 1970: Holzbestimmung der wichtigsten Handelshölzer
WAGENFÜHR (1998): Holzatlas

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